Saturday, 27 April 2013

Naked Wedding Cake

So you must be wondering what is a 'Naked Wedding Cake’? Well it is in short a cake without a covering of fondant or icing. Naked Wedding Cakes are normally made from a classic Victoria Sponge which can then be stacked in tiers, the same way as a traditional wedding cake. Often once stacked the cake is then dressed with fresh fruits or fresh flowers to match the bridal flowers and finally covered in a dusting of icing sugar. In my opinion if executed correctly naked cakes look every bit as impressive as a traditional fondant iced cake and are perfect for a country cottage or vintage style wedding.  They have an amazing rustic charm with a natural indulgent appeal. These cakes definitely focus more on taste and flavour and are perfect when served with berries and fresh cream.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Giant Cupcake

Giant Cupcake

Still as popular as ever our giant cupcake is made with the same high quality ingredients and finished with heaps of delicious sweet buttercream. Over the years we have made everything from Mr Men to New York themed giant cupcakes, the possibilitieses are endless. We recently created this two tier giant cupcake, the brief was pretty, girly, and elegant with a vintage style. This has to be one of our favourites! The bottom layer was a four layer Madagascan vanilla bean sponge filled with layers of vanilla bean buttercream. The second layer was a giant cupcake, the cupcake base/shell was made with solid white callebaut chocolate and filled with rich dark chocolate cake and layers of sweet milk chocolate buttercream then iced on the top with vintage green vanilla buttercream. The fondant on the bottom layer of the cake was pearlised, a handcrafted edible lace boarder was added along with handmade roses, butterflies and hydrangea. Finally we added a birthday name plaque.